IT. Amis GMSI/TSR, servez-vous !

From 2016 to 2018, I learned how to set up and manage a network at CESi Alternance in Nancy (France). Here is how the rating system works for these projects : A (goal overachieved) / B (goal reached) / C (light mistakes) / D (huge mistakes).

Project SAS, 2016 (B)

project sas
Analysis of an existing IT solution and potential axis of improvement

Technologic watch, 2016 (B)

James Webb Space Telescope : putting in place tools to gather information and automatizing it

Project START, 2016 (A)

Complete installation of an IT network

Project EVOLUTION, 2017 (A)

Complete installation of an IT network

Project MATURITÉ, 2018 (A)

project maturite
Creation of a company. Presentation:

Project CAS H 1, 2018 (A)

bleu blanc coque
Creation of a company and of its IT needs

Project CAS H 2, 2018 (A)

Completing a requirement specification and maintenance of an IT infrastructure

Project WMS, 2018 (A)

web messagerie securite
Projet regroupant toute la promotion autour du web, de la messagerie et de la sécurité

End of studies report, 2018 (A)

rapport final
Migrating the forest from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2012 and automated management of 30 computers